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The Meadows

The Meadows section of Northampton, Massachusetts is a large tract of land close to the city’s downtown, bordered to the east and south by the Connecticut River. While the land within the Meadows is mostly used for agriculture, there is also a series of dirt roads, a small airport, and a fairground within its boundaries, and well as a number of homes.

For more than twenty years I have walked through this land – often very early in the morning – to explore, to walk my dog, to think, to photograph. The views change with each day and with the seasons. In mid-summer the corn is so high that it is not easy to see much else when you walk along the roads bordering the fields. At other times, a mist hangs over the river and plowed fields, making it hard to see the small mountains known as the Holyoke Range to the south.

I have been drawn to the magic of particular moments in the Meadows. It is, ultimately, a landscape whose rhythms and textures are both unique and yet also typical of New England.

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